Hey guys! A very big welcome to our brand new shiny forum. Can we take a few minutes to tell you a few things?

First up, here are the community guidelines. Definitely worth having a read so we can keep this place an awesome environment for conversation, sharing and creating!

Now that’s out the way… the fun stuff.

This forum is a finally a home for us to chat about ideas for ALL of Sorted’s content. Be it recipes and stories for new books (hope you’ve all signed up to be club members), ideas for FridgeCam and YouTube or cheeky little facts for our new podcast series. Though we’ll always be posting dumb stuff and taking the mick out of each other on social media, we really want this forum to be the place where we source everything.

So basically… if you don’t want to miss out and you want to give us a helping hand wherever possible.


We’ll also each be posting from time to time. As well as members of the Sorted Team.

Here’s to the club. Catch you later.

Jamie, Ben, Barry & Mike



  1. Wanda Pease

    Since you are doing all the โ€œBestโ€ X in various cities how about a sho recreating those bests and sharing your versions of the recipes?

  2. jonathanveit

    Hey all,
    I’m looking into joining the book club, but I live in the US. Does anyone know roughly how much more expensive it is per book shipment?

    • annie

      I live in the U.S. as well – not sure this 100% answers your question, but my initial charges were 34.55 GBP where 4.55 was its own line item for shipping – or about 6.40 USD. My monthly subscription came through at 15.70 USD – your financial institution may also charge a small additional fee for an international transaction – but it’s worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Prettyblueshy

    Congrats guys! Just bought a copy of desserts and duvets! Can’t wait for my books to arrive. On a side note, I love the podcast idea. However, I’m sure there are kink’s to work out but could there be an option to just have audio. I like to listen to my podcasts on my way into work and all it would do this morning is buffer. So all I heard this morning was the introductions.
    I’m so excited about this new direction y’all are taking with this. Good luck to you!

    • Touc9217

      I agree with this. My work internet is not allowing the podcast to load more than a min at a time, it work perfectly when it was just audio.

      • Jenny

        I’m having same problem. Anyone find a solution to this?

  4. Can we create other forums about food on here too? I am going to be studying in London this summer and I wanted to ask the community for suggestions of where to eat!

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