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Episode 5 – Ice Cream Cheeseburger & Pringle Can Burial!

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Breaking the format extends further than our videos for Barry, he’s started sabotaging the podcast too BUT at least he got us planning what we’d want on our tour rider…chicken nugs for Mike, a steak for Jamie, an avocado for Baz and quiche for Ben.

Best Soundbite“Do you wanna start your own podcast? Why don’t you do the…Barry does whatever he thinks podcast?” – Mike Huttlestone


  1. tjmarskbb

    Hard Cider is actually really popular in the USA. There is like a whole isle at the liquor store in Dallas. Austin East Cider is a hard cider brand right out of Austin thats really popular.

  2. dottleddolly

    I have heard of deep fried butter at state fairs but never had it. As a brit the only thing we get at fairs is burgers and hot dogs. Also how small Ben’s hands be to fit in a pringle tube? I just tip the tube.

  3. cncdickson

    So, you find it hard to believe someone carved a whole cow out of butter . . . When we were in Playa del Carmen just before Christmas several years ago, the main buffet restaurant at our all-inclusive had an ENTIRE Nativity scene (life-size) carved out of butter! I cannot even begin to imagine why. It wasn’t particularly beautiful as it was one solid color – pale yellow, but people were lining up to take selfies with the butter Baby Jesus.

  4. Annie1962

    When I found out about Van Halen’s rider about the M and M’s having the brown ones taken out.. it was ONLY done to make sure that workers were actually reading the riders,
    If they got a bowl of M and M’s with brown ones in, they then knew that the rider etc wasn’t being read, which led to them being worried that safety precautions weren’t being implemented in constructing the stage.
    They had elaborate stage settings and for workers not to take things seriously could lead to a death and lawsuit.
    That was the only reason for the brown m and m’s rider.

  5. Emlyn

    The reason, supposedly, for the Van Halen rider which specified the removal of brown (?) M&Ms was that they had very complicated safety regulations written into their rider due to the complexity of their stage show. If they had the wrong M&Ms, they didn’t trust that the venue had paid attention to their safety regulations. Of course, you released this podcast ages ago so you have probably been told that countless times by now.

  6. CaitlinDee

    I just now started listening/watching the podcasts after I’ve seen more recent YouTube videos, and I love that you guys made it to the Iowa State Fair to see the Butter Cow! Much love from an Iowa girl 🙂

  7. vtrucken

    Dallas has a park dedicated to the State Fair. The food competition is fierce at the State Fair.

  8. Not strictly relevant but the Doritos and death thing reminded me: My brother eats a lot of Doritos, like, a stupid amount. He’d have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could. The blokes at the corner shop know him by name because he buys them so often, and will often complain at me and my dad when he hasn’t been in for a while. He really loves Doritos. So, two years ago (and I don’t know the exact terminology because I’m not a doctor), my brother’s intestine burst. He was in the hospital and he had an operation and we were just: “how did this happen? What on earth has he been eating to pop his intestine?” So we thought about it and discussed what he ate the most of, and then it hit us. Doritos are triangular. They have points. Our favourite theory is that he was in such a hurry to eat them that he didn’t even bother to chew and swallowed them whole, one got lodged, and punctured his intestine. Obviously, there was a different cause for his intestine exploding, but it’s a really fun way to wind him up. He’s fine now, and still eats a stupid amount of Doritos. Nothing will deter him from his favourite crisps.

    • Bebbrell

      Perhaps best we don’t… that kind of stuff never goes away! Ha

    • Bebbrell

      Coffee – something to kick-start our brains to deduce the fabrication! Sniffing out those made up ‘facts’ is becoming harder!

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