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Episode 8 – 13 Babies Named “Strawberry”

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Well it was only a matter of time until Ben brought out his Grammar Police uniform – you’re going to learn a lot more than just food facts in this episode, including the most unusual baby names inspired by food! Have you ever heard of a baby called Mushroom?! Also, Barry dives deep into the world of seafood with 2 REALLY WELL RESEARCHED facts…this isn’t one to miss!

Best Soundbite: “I’m not comfortable with this. This is like Ben’s version of foreplay.” – Barry Taylor


  1. lprongs

    I know this was posted ages ago, but I’m just catching up with the backlogged podcasts. Inuit languages are complicated, and I do not identify in that cultural/linguistic group so I could be entirely wrong.

    As I understand it, there are generally three main classifications for the people now referred to as Inuit – Inuit, Inupiaq, and Yupik – based on geography and language.

    The “Eskimo” language tree has 2 main branches, Inuit-Inupiaq and Yupik. Yupik is basically the Siberian branch, while Inuit-Inupiaq is spread across Arctic North America (Alaska and Canada), but there is also a Greenlandic variation.

    The people in Eastern Canada and Greenland are usually called Inuit and speak mostly Inuktitut (Inuk = person, titut = speech, the plural of Inuk = Inuit) and in Western Canada speak Inuinnaqtun. The people in Alaska are generally called Inupiaq and speak Inupiatun, although there is also a version of Alaskan Yupik.

  2. ruba

    The “cheese” in the big cheese comes from Cheez in Hindi which might have its original in Farsi or Urdu. It literally means “thing”. It is a commonly used word to think day!

  3. Prettyblueshy

    Actually Barry was correct when he said that Octopus’ have arms instead of tentacles. Arms on a cephalopod are usually lined with suckers, where as tentacles usually have suckers only near the ends. So an Octopus would have 8 arms and Squid and Cuttlefish would have 8 arms and 2 tentacles. Right on Barry! Loving the Podcasts guys!

  4. GullySorted

    Barry does specifically say a Great White and the sharks killed were not Great Whites. So his was a lie. But still.

  5. Xenia97

    As a literary student, I was like: “Jamie? Did you just say Emile Zola made cheese? The French naturalist writer?” And a few minutes later: “Is no one noticing this? Really?!”

  6. AshleyBernstein

    An electron’s mass is 9.1×10^-31 kg (0.000548597 amu)! It is indeed very small, compared to the proton’s mass of 1.6726×10^-27 kg

  7. I went to school with girl called Pepper Potts, she then married a woman called Jessica Salte and her name now is Pepper Potts Salte.
    I also met a girl in Venice called Strawberry but everyone called her Berry or Bear.

  8. Esther

    Probably my favourite episode to date! Personal stories (ie Barry’s nan’s kitchen mishaps) is interesting and all, but they’re not ‘real’ facts? I like that I was able to learn something from everyone today!

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