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S3 E2 – Bucket Lists & Donal Skehan?!

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This is one special week as Donal Skehan heads down to the Sorted studio to work on a couple of exciting projects! There’s a strong discussion on celebrity restaurants, tea bagging (?!) and Ben vows to make quiche cool again. Good luck mate.

Best soundbite: “Teabagging kicked off during the lonely times of World War 2” – Ben Ebbrell


    • Annie1962

      agh I knew some of the truth or lies and was literally shouting at the computer saying ‘noooo’ when they didn’t think Moby had a restaurant lol

      My favourite cooking smell – I’d say frying garlic/onion – or roast lamb.

      Holy crap the moment at 41:51 scared the crap out of me.

  1. larae.jessica@gmail.com

    What you call bumbling around, is I think, an incredible good thing. I wish more of my students could appreciate that path, vs getting told to choose future paths by high school

  2. jeyscreations

    Made the mistake of watching this on a study break in the library… the teabagging in WW2 comment got me. I now have a lot of angry grad students staring at me.

    • Sorted

      Maybe one day we’ll get through a whole podcast without talk of bums haha!

  3. Never seen him before the video and this. Great guy!

  4. megannwalsh

    I loved that you had Donal on the podcast. Personally I loved the chatting and asking questions and answering in a group the most. Adding a guest was great!

    • Sorted

      Thanks for the feedback Meghan, we loved having Donal over! Any recommendations for the next series?

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