We’re interested to hear about which recipes everyone’s making a beeline towards. Those Grab + Go options? Or at the other end of the book scale where the Monster Breakfasts lie. Once you’ve given the book a good read, join the chats!

There were also some wonderful recipes from around the world that we’d never heard of before at Sorted. Pan De Chicharron has definitely been cropping up as a favourite in all of the conversations we’ve seen going on.

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  1. AlisaFrost

    Hello for everyone!
    I`m suffering from problem with my stomach and this lead me to become a healthy lifestyle. I spend a lot of time to find some interesting recipes in Internet and from the book and now it like my hobby. I usually take recipes from “The Joy of Cooking”, Author – Irma S. Rombauer, but yesterday I found on this forum recommendation of website with different creative recipes. Looking in this site I taken some amazing recipes to my recipes list. Today I will try to make chicken noodle soup from there and hope it will be tasty. I leave a link https://recipes.cafe/en for those who want to visit this website.

  2. daisytje

    I finally (eep) found the time to go through the book today and identify some of the recipies I want to try out. I commute between London and Rotterdam every week so I am trying to think of cost-effective ways of eating and food I can bring on the plane which won’t get tossed out at security. I’m looking forward to taking a big tub of the homemade granola over and trying that out with some yoghurt and honey (I can keep that at the office).

    I would like to know, as I am gulten-free, how I can replace the flour with a gluten-free alternative in the cinnamon and ginger buns and the apple tart recipes. There are plenty acually that I’d like to try but I feel like I’m going to waste time, money and effort if I just substitute for any old gulten free flour. Perhaps a couple of notes at the front of your book on what would work, or directing us to a page on your site where you can discuss it in more detail and keep it live, would be great.

  3. panic.royale23

    I’ve read through the A.M. Menu book and one of the first things that popped out was the Spiced Ginger Cinnamon Rolls. My family loves making these so I was excited to see a new twist on the classic, but one ingredient stood out that I would like clarification on: What is ginger syrup? Is it like simple syrup but with ginger?

  4. Anita

    Due to health problems, I started following a very restricted diet a few years ago. After a longer healing period, I can now eat properly prepared legumes occasionally. And, although in my home country beans for breakfast is not a thing at all, thanks to the A.M. Menu, my occasional legume is almost always your fantastically simple all-day beans ❤ This dish is filling, tasty, it doesn’t mess with my blood sugar – this is something I need to consider if I don’t want to get hangry before lunch 😀 – and, fortunately, it takes much less than 5 hours to cook in my Instant Pot 😉

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