Product Guide

Cooking With Meal Packs

Make the most of your app

So you’ve picked your Meal Pack, bought your ingredients and you’re ready to get going. What next?

Part 3.

Stay on Track With Timers

  • No more forgetting to set timers – you’ll find handy timers within the recipes in a Meal Pack. You’re free to move through the next steps without worrying about what’s in the oven!
  • All the times are adjustable too, so you can add or remove minutes as you get to know how your oven works.

Part 4.

Complete Your Meal Pack & Tell Us What You Think!

  • We always want to hear what you think. Click on the “Complete Pack” button to give feedback – that way, the chefs can craft more of what you love and less of what you don’t! 
  • If there’s nothing on the menu you fancy, submit your requests and our chefs will use your feedback to create something new!
  • Don’t forget to favourite the Meal Packs you loved using the star in the top-left corner. This’ll add the Meal Pack to the Favourites tab in your library, making finding it again easier than ever.